End of the Tour

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I have no words. Today has been meh. Yup, thats the only word I’ve got for today – meh. Post show blues always sucks but when you’ve had the most incredible journey, with a family of talented actors and its all over, then meh is all you really have left.

Todays meh-ness aside, I really have had the most amazing time over the past few months – touring with Strange Fascination Theatre Company in A Midsummer Nights Dream. Thinking back to the start, I remember it being a little bit daunting, joining a company of actors who had all worked together in 2015, but I needn’t have worried. Simon, Daisy, Paul and Hayley all welcomed me and I’ve loved being part of the SF family.

Strange Fascination 2016

We worked hard and produced a great show, and I’ve learnt so much and I can’t thank them enough for inviting me on this journey and for pushing me as a performer. The audience response has been more then I could have imagined, and I’m humbled by their kind words. I look forward to sharing some of them and the TONS of photo’s that I have very very soon 🙂

MSND 2016 Finale

For now, its back to the day job, but I’ve still got a few projects coming up which I’m excited to share, plus a few auditions so fingers crossed!


Stephie xox


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