July 2017

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So not to brag, but I’ve had a really great July so far and if I’m honest, I’m more than a little disappointed to be back at the day job tomorrow… but such is the life of a working actor in London – the bills still need to be paid!


Last week I performed in my first show since moving to London – it was a joint project with the National Youth Theatre and the charity Coram (who help unaccompanied refugee children and young people). It was incredible to learn about the struggles that refugees (particularly children) face when leaving their homes and crossing Europe to find safety and a better life. It was also fascinating to learn about the psychological problems they can experience when they arrive in the UK – and how important sleep is to their integration and recovery process, as well as the support they receive. And it was an honour to share their story and we received lovely comments from the invited audience of professionals who work with the refugess, Coram professionals and various officials who work within government.

It was so great to be working on a theatre project again! We incorporated a lot of physicality along with text written by Jamila Gavin (author of Coram Boy) in order to tell the story of the journey the refugees face. I even used my newly learnt Accordion skills for the first time in performace. One of my favourite things about working collaboratively is the opportunity to play and discover with my fellow actors. I think it creates a strong bond between members of the company, which is vital when working within a short time frame – in this case: 6 days!!

It was an intense week, but I loved every minute and it was wonderful to work with such a great cast and director, Andy Whyment.


After finishing off the week with a day of a corporate acting, I was off home to Norwich before driving north to Stoke-on-Trent for a wedding – the first from my circle of school friends!! It was great to relax and catchup with old friends and celebrate a new beginning for the new Mr and Mrs Gerrard!

It also reminded me of how important it is to take time to catch up with friends – its all too easy to become a workaholic or let distractions give way to procrastination/binge watching Orange Is The New Black on Netflix!! (yes I’m guilty!) But friends are the ones who can put a smile on your face, help you finish a bottle of wine and will always remind you of all your embarrassing stories!!



Well I think thats about it for this evening. If you’ve made it this far, I do apologise for the lack of photos but I haven’t the energy to hunt through my phone!! I’ll try and have a sort through over the weekend – which reminds me, I booked a spur of the moment TV Presenting workshop on Saturday!

No rest for the wicked, eh? 😉


SJ xox


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