August 2017

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Wow its been a busy month!


Motherlogues, a student film, presenting showreel and new headshots!!!


So starting with Motherlogues!

I have just had the most amazing two weeks working with a fabulous group of ladies to not only perform at the Camden Fringe, but to write the whole show in the 5 days before!

Big shout out to Lauren Reed for bringing us all together and being so passionate about the subject to keep producing an amazing show!! It was pure delight to work with her, Colleen Prendergast, Kailing Fu and Rose Collis – it turned out we were 5 very different, from different backgrounds and with different experiences – and yet all of that, brought us together. I cannot emphasise enough how much they were all a dream to work with, it was truly seamless – many audience members were asking how long we’d all known each other, and couldn’t believe it had been less than two weeks!

I feel truly privilidged to have worked with this group of strong and supportive women – And its only been 24hours and I miss them all already!!

For all the smiles, tears, laughter, shocks, for coming together and producing a fantastic show, to Lauren, Kai, Rose and Colleen – thank you for an amazing two weeks <3

Oh and we got 4 star reviews plus…. 5 stars on our last night!! 😀 😀 #dreamteam

(I’ll share the links in another post!)


I also filled last minute for a student production that is now in post. Here’s a few photo’s from the set and from the ADR/Dubbing session with the director Tanbir Hasan!

[photo’s to appear shortly!]



I also got an amazing offer for a days training plus showreel, so I spent the day over at Pinewood Studios with the TV training academy to work on my presenting skills! It was a really great day, we worked on Auto-cue, scripting and green screen, and now I’m just waiting to get the reel sent through… so I can share it with you! 🙂


I am also super excited to have (finally!) made a decision and whittle 498 photo’s down to 6!!


Presenting… my new headshots:

Big thank you to Jennie Scott, I still can’t believe how much we got through in two hours, and narrowing the shots down was tough! But in the end, I just tried to trust my instincts.


Which one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below!


So yeah, been a bit busy! But thats all from me for now – Got a few things lined up for Spetember that I can’t wait to share with you on Twitter and at the end of next month! So make sure if you’re on twitter you click to follow, if you’re on Facebook click to Like or fill in your email address** on the side bar to get emails direct to your inbox with all my latest updates!

Love and hugs,

Stephie xx




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