September: What a difference a week can make!

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Sometimes big changes are hard. But I usually find staying stuck in a bad situation is harder in the long run… but its easier than said than done!

Last week, I quit my call center day job! Despite it being the right thing, it was also kinda hard – its been my “proper job” since moving to London which means it was also a bit of a security blanket – it was allowing me to pay my rent/live while still being flexible enough to work around acting opportunities. So yeah it was a tough decision to give it up, but it was definitely the right decision at the right time.


But since then, I’ve had a myriad of opportunities!

I am so excited to start training with The Actors Class. The first two sessions have been amazing – the standard in my group is insane and I can admit it, its slightly intimidating (!) as well as really pushing me to work my arse off!!! I’ve got another 8 weeks, and I’m so excited!!

I was also very  fortunate to land a new job – its a picking/packing/posting fabric swatches and brochures thing for a furniture company. Fairly basic, very repetitive, and completely perfect! I’m loving working in a lovely positive office, not having to worry about customers/sales and I’m back on a zero hour contract! And I genuinely couldn’t be happier!!

I know that zero hour contracts don’t suit everyone, but for me its always worked – the freedom it affords is second to none – there’s no obligation to work, and so long as you have a great manager/team you can still get the hours you need to pay the bills/rent/etc etc. I’m not gonna lie, I have heard various “zero-hour-horror-stories” but if you can find the right company and the right people to work with, I cannot recommend it more… although if you can several jobs like this, thats how you can survive,

(as a total random aside, I had the idea of writing a book today… something along the lines of “my first year in London – an actors guide to life in the capital” (ok it sounds weirder now I’ve actually written it down… lol) but hey, who knows, maybe I should jot some ideas down!!)

I’m also going to be moving from SE to North London – a friend of a friend (who it turns out I’ve actually met before – crazy small world lol) is renting out a room and has given me an amazing deal! So as much as I love my leafy Zone 4 flat at the moment, I’m so excited to be living 5 minutes from a Northern Line tube station!!


So lots of positive things! And on top of that I’ve been;

  • to a MoCap (Motion Capture) Workshop
  • a script supervisor/assistant editor on a VO project
  • got paid for market research (and wore a weird hat… [see photo!])
  • to thorpe park! 🙂

So yeah, I guess this is all my way of saying, change can be really hard. It can spark off any insecurities you may have (I’m not ready to share all my own demons, but it triggered (and always does trigger) anxieties for me).

But actually, if you can be strong enough to take that first step, you can clear space in your life to let new and amazing opportunities in!

So BE BRAVE! Take the plunge! What is it that you’re putting off, that kinda scares you, but you know in your gut its the right thing to do?


Happy September Y’all! 😉

Stephie xox

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