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I did it! I not only filmed it, I edited it and actually posted it up on Youtube! And it feels good!

I mean I doubt many people will see or read it, but I asked one of my actor friends to take a look at it and she gave me some really lovely feedback, so I’m feeling very positive about the whole thing 🙂


A little bit of background as to what actually inspired me to actually stop thinking and start doing it.

  1. It was one of the gorgeously sunny days last week!
  2. I’d already done two selftapes, so had the camera all set up
  3. I decided I wouldn’t overthink it, just do one take and just do it

My other motivation was the realisation I had after spending 3 days working on a short film.

For the past… maybe year-ish, maybe longer… I have struggled with selftapes. Or more accurately, the confidence to to self tape. Which sucks, and is pretty stupid because as an actor, auditioning is just part of the job!! But when I was working on the short film last week, I had the realisation that I am confident in front of a camera when I’m with other actors and filmmakers, so… why can’t I film at home?

The answer = NONE!

So yeah, it was a bit of a “fuck it, lets just do it” moment, and for once, I didn’t overthink it, I actually just did it!

In case you can’t tell by all the exclamation marks –  I’m totally celebrating my mini success lol


So without further ado: My first Vlog!

So if you’ve read this and watched the vlog please do me a favour and Like and Subscribe on YouTube and drop me a comment with any feedback you have!

Its not perfect, but I’m pleased with my first attempt of not only filming but editing too, so yeah, all feedback and thoughts are welcome 🙂

Until next time,



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