ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I did it! I not only filmed it, I edited it and actually posted it up on Youtube! And it feels good! I mean I doubt many people will see or read it, but I asked one of my actor friends to take a look at it and she gave me some really lovely feedback, so I’m feeling very positive about the whole thing 🙂   A little bit of background as to what actually inspired me to actually stop thinking and start doing…Continue Reading “Getting my 1st Vlog on Youtube!”

Sometimes big changes are hard. But I usually find staying stuck in a bad situation is harder in the long run… but its easier than said than done! Last week, I quit my call center day job! Despite it being the right thing, it was also kinda hard – its been my “proper job” since moving to London which means it was also a bit of a security blanket – it was allowing me to pay my rent/live while still being flexible enough to work…Continue Reading “September: What a difference a week can make!”

Wow its been a busy month!   Motherlogues, a student film, presenting showreel and new headshots!!!   So starting with Motherlogues! I have just had the most amazing two weeks working with a fabulous group of ladies to not only perform at the Camden Fringe, but to write the whole show in the 5 days before! Big shout out to Lauren Reed for bringing us all together and being so passionate about the subject to keep producing an amazing show!! It was pure delight to…Continue Reading “August 2017”

Wow! I hadn’t realised how long its been since I’ve posted! Well a lots been happening, I won’t try to fill you in all at once, but the biggest news by far is…     ***drum roll please***     I’ve moved to LONDON!!!! I’ve now been living in south London for about 5 weeks, still settling in but finding my feet and really enjoying it! If anyone has any advice for networking or acting classes in and around London, please comment below – I’m…Continue Reading “A long time!”