Sometimes big changes are hard. But I usually find staying stuck in a bad situation is harder in the long run… but its easier than said than done! Last week, I quit my call center day job! Despite it being the right thing, it was also kinda hard – its been my “proper job” since moving to London which means it was also a bit of a security blanket – it was allowing me to pay my rent/live while still being flexible enough to work…Continue Reading “September: What a difference a week can make!”

So not to brag, but I’ve had a really great July so far and if I’m honest, I’m more than a little disappointed to be back at the day job tomorrow… but such is the life of a working actor in London – the bills still need to be paid!   Last week I performed in my first show since moving to London – it was a joint project with the National Youth Theatre and the charity Coram (who help unaccompanied refugee children and young…Continue Reading “July 2017”